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Stefan und Matthias Nonn


We had the pleasure of meeting the Nonn brothers and were captivated as they told us about their amazing restoration project - Anton. This interaction laid the very cornerstone of our narrative – the enchanting chronicle of a childhood dream.


Matthias and Stefan used to drift in their father's workshop as children. In a "kettcar". That went especially well when they spread some oil on the floor. But the fun was only the calm before the storm. The thunder from the father was pre-programmed. When he showed up, there was a lot of trouble and 1.5 hours of cleaning. With sawdust and everything that goes with it.

Anton 930 Turbo GroupB

Two brothers - two petrolheads. Two who have been dreaming of the perfect Porsche Turbo since they were kids. And they made this dream come true: They crafted Anton. A 930 Turbo Group B. Everything possible, but not an ounce too much. When they drive this unique car today, when the ignition key slides into the lock and the 400 turbo hp awakens, it's there again. That feeling on the kettcar. And the gathering storm. The one you face. There is nothing stronger than a childhood dream come true.


At this point we could describe in a flowery way what all has to happen to make a film of Supertoyfilms quality. We prefer to do what we do best. We show you a film: 


Bildbearbeitung Supertoyfilms
Bildbearbeitung Supertoyfilms
Bildbearbeitung Supertoyfilms

One second of film consists of many (sometimes even more than many) individual images. After we know which of the seconds from the hours of footage will make it into the film, we take care of each individual frame. Every single one. If you're wondering, "How did they do that?" Like this:


Sometimes you'll believe you're seeing things that aren't there. This is because you hear them. To put it carefully, the music and sound are as meticulously tweaked as the image. In truth, it's a battle. Image and sound are not finished until they are choreographed at eye level to serve the story. This is the reason why Supertoyflim's films are worth experiencing even on big screens with fat speakers. It should, no, it will blow you away! Enjoy!

"There is no engine more powerful than a childhood dream. Anton is the childhood dream of its owners come true. And no, Anton is not just "a" - it is "the" 930 Turbo.

Reini Crasemann, Creative Director & Co-Founder STF

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