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Laurentius Emmelmann


Director & Director of Photography

Laurentius is passionate about ignition - figuratively speaking. Clients like Mercedes, Audi or VW are on fire and have already relied on Laurentius' ideas as director for several advertising films. In all his projects, Laurentius looks for that magic moment when the spark ignites - be it in an interpersonal encounter, the ignition of a piston in the engine or the unique taste of an unforgettable meal that spreads in the mouth. So fire is everything for Laurentius, even away from the film set: because as we all know, as a passionate cook you also have to deal with fire.

Producer & Postproduction Expert

Oliver is a diver. And a filmmaker. And a technology freak. He is addicted to impressive images. As a post-producer, he ennobles our works with the final perfect touch. The colour, the editing, the effects: nothing is a coincidence, everything works for the maximum emotion. Supertoyfilms offers him yet another home: working with obsessed like-minded people in an experienced team around the world's most beautiful subjects and objects.

Oliver Anlauf


Marcus Loeber

Music, Sound Design 

Marcus Loeber

Marcus hears the film when he sees it. As in his life as a musician and composer, he orchestrates the unique subtle soundtrack to the world of the images. He has mastered the art of making us see things we have only

heard in reality. Supertoys is the perfect stage for this.


Reinhard Crasemann

With more than 25 years of experience as a creative director in renowned agencies, the communications expert has worked on every conceivable challenge for national and international brands. The creative, who has won almost every major award worldwide in his industry, loves the idea and the  process to get there. During his time in advertising, he developed a special fondness for film. Supertoyfilms feeds Reinhard's passion for cutting-edge realizations of well-told stories. "Reini" lives and thinks in Hamburg.

Creative Director

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