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Let Your Treasure
Meet Our Passion

"You are completely crazy..."

Does this greeting sound familiar? Then you are right here and welcome. This is the meeting place for irrational passion.

You have a passion in the form of a special vehicle. A very special vehicle*. It means more to you than just a car. It is your treasure.


We have a passion for the special staging of such treasures. We produce state-of-the-art films.

If you want more than just a cell phone photo of the object that cost you so much blood, sweat and tears, we may be able to help.


Yes, it's expensive. But after all, you didn't skimp on your car in any other way. Interested?


Apply at:

Maybe we'll include you in the next shooting set.

(* its Supertoyfilms not Supercarfilms. We are interested in portraying any treasure you can think of. Lets talk.)

Anton, The Porsche

"There is no engine more powerful than a childhood dream. Anton is the childhood dream of its owners come true. And no, Anton is not just "a" - it is "the" 930 Turbo.

Reini Crasemann, Creative Director & Co-Founder STF


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